Channel (Illuminated) Letters


Visible by day, luminous at night, channel letters provide great depth and precision to your Company's presentation.

Channel letters are also known as "internally illuminated letters". This description says it all, in that each letter is generally lit from the inside with light shining through the sign face or out the back of the letter (called a halo-lit, or reverse channel letter).

As is the case for most of the signs we offer, channel letters are custom made from metal and plastic, and are commonly illuminated with LED lighting (very efficient) or neon tubing (very effective).

Channel letters may be installed directly to the building facia (each letter is mounted individually) or on a raceway. A raceway is a pre-fabricated metal box that runs the length of the channel letter sign. The raceway is then mounted directly to the building facia.  Your type of installation may be determined by the city ordinance, building owner's sign criteria, or your personal preference.

Either way, we can help you get the results you're looking for!

Rest assured, our channel letters are manufactured to the strictest standards - ours, and meet all the necessary local electrical and building codes.

Types of Channel Letters

  • Standard Channel Letter Lighting

    Standard letters are three dimensional letters covered (lidded) with thick plastic faces and illuminated from the inside.

  • Exposed Neon, LED, or Bulb lighting

    These resemble Standard Letters but there is no plastic face thus allowing the lighting, itself, to be seen and incorporated as a design feature.

  • Backlit

    These have a solid opaque face and open back, therfore illuminated from behind the letter, causing a "negative space" (out-lining the letters) when lit.

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